Let's Do this Together

In a moment defined by “Social Distancing”, let’s not become socially isolated. Here at Citywide, we are intentionally creating a whole host of opportunities to connect every week.
If you need help, if you want to connect with others or if you want to help out, we would love for you to join our church community. Click on the options below for more information. Everyone is welcome, let’s do this journey together.

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All our sermons and much more are on the Citywide YouTube channel

Latest News & Events

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Citywide Bus Service

There’s a new Sunday bus service on Hobart’s Eastern Shore that won’t get you to work, but may get you to worship! Due to the Coronavirus shutting down church gatherings …

Corona Virus – The Truth

Corona Virus has everyone worried… In the first episode of Season Two of Unfake News, Matt takes a look at what is true about the disease and what is plain …


At Citywide, we understand that Christianity is not about getting our own needs met, but rather seeking first the Kingdom of the one who gave his life for the sake …