Three simple words capture our heart, our vision and our mission.


Jesus’s first and last recorded words to his disciples were “Follow Me.”  At Citywide we think following Jesus is the path that leads to hope and we want to live that hope in the places where we live, learn, work and play.


At the very start of his famous ‘Sermon on the Mount’, Jesus makes it clear that his followers are to be a blessing to the world when he talks about us being salt and light. At Citywide we want to support and encourage one another on the adventure of living our whole lives as a blessing for the world.


Jesus’ prayer for his followers is that we would be one and that we would love one another.  At Citywide we want to be an authentic community where nobody stands alone on the journey of life.

Our Core Practises

FOLLOW, BLESS AND SHARE are also acronyms that are helpful reminders of the kinds of core practises we want to build into our lives in order that our lives might actually reflect our intentions. 

Just as simply trying to run a marathon will be unsuccessful without training, following Jesus, blessing others and sharing life won’t happen by simply trying hard. 

Core Practises are the kinds of things a person can actually make a choice to do that ultimately train us to do what we could not do by simply trying.

Matt is introducing our Core Practises:

Matt is sharing about the importance of Spiritual Disciplines (Core Practises):