At Citywide we want to follow Jesus, which we know means learning how to listen to him. The Hearing God course encourages us to learn what it means to invite God into every aspect of your life in a very practical way.  

We were so grateful to have Jeremy and Lisa Peters, from St. Albert Alliance Church in Canada, share the Hearing God course with us in July 2019. We encourage all members of our church to engage with this teaching because it is foundational to how we make decisions as a church.

Manuals with all of the course notes and extra information are available from the church office for $10.

People from outside of Australia can connect with St. Albert Alliance church ( for information about manuals and potential courses near you.

Introduction to the Hearing God course

Hearing God course - Introduction

Session One: Foundational Convictions

Hearing God course Session One - Foundational Convictions

Session Two: Steeping in the Scriptures

Hearing God course Session Two - Steeping in the Scriptures

Session Three: The Sound of the inaudible Voice of God

Hearing God course Session Three - The Sound of the inaudible Voice of God

Session Four: The Posture of Discernment

Hearing God course Session Four - The Posture of discernment

Session Five: The Practice of Discernment

Hearing God course Session Five - The Practice of Discernment