We, the people of Citywide Baptist Church, commit ourselves to a standard of responsible and ethical behaviour which honours God and his church.  

As followers of Jesus, we look to His example as depicted in the New Testament to have a heart and compassion for all people which is exemplified in our behaviour and attitudes to each other.  In all relationships we value respect, trust, integrity, honesty, humility, support, compassion, community, forgiveness, reconciliation, generosity, thankfulness, equality, inclusiveness, justice, service, stewardship, peace, loyalty and confidentiality.  We commit ourselves to living out these values in all areas of our lives.

Consequently, Citywide Baptist Church is committed to ensuring that our churches are safe places, particularly for children, youth and other vulnerable people. 

Abuse, harm or harassment of anyone associated with the activities of the church, or using the facilities of the church, for any purpose, will not be tolerated.

Citywide Baptist Church accepts, endorses, embraces and complies with the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

  • Citywide Baptist Church will ensure the development of a child safe culture through: 
    • Providing regular awareness training for leaders, staff, and volunteers in positions of responsibility,  
    • including a detailed Code of Conduct in the Position Descriptions of all roles within the organisation, 
    • involving children and young people in decisions about the activities they participate in at Citywide and welcome the participation of parents and carers in these decisions,
    • Respecting equity and diversity in policy and practice.