Coronavirus has meant that we can’t all get together easily in person, and for some this may continue for some time, however we are not giving up meeting together. In a moment defined by “Social Distancing”, we cannot allow ourselves to become socially isolated.
We are intentionally creating a whole host of opportunities to connect each week, our most important meeting happens on Sunday morning however there are a number of other ways you can connect on other days of the week.

Prayer Meeting – 1pm Weekdays

During Septemeber we are focusing on our prayer life together. Join us at 1pm weekdays for 15 minutes as we pray for our community and carry one anothers burrdens.

Prayer – 8pm Thursdays

Prayer is a priority and the basis of all we do at Citywide. Everyone is welcome to join in as we pray together for our world, our leaders the struggles we’re experiencing and spending time listening as God speaks to us.

Watch a Sunday Service – 10am Sundays

 Join in our Sunday service broadcast live each Sunday morning or watch one of our previously broadcast services on You Tube