6 Radical Decisions Book Cover

Our Pastor, Matt Garvin, wrote the book 6 Radical Decisions in 2012.

The Book was an attempt by Matt to describe what it meant to be an authentic follower of Jesus Christ.

The book has now had three print runs and continues to be helpful for people around the world.

We recommend that newcomers to our church take the time to read the book to understand the vision behind our strategy and direction. The book is available for sale from the church office and also on Kindle.

There is also a small group discussion guide available here.

Matt spoke about each of the 6 Radical Decisions in a series of sermons he did soon after arriving at our church. The videos are below:

The First Radical Decision: Jesus

The Second Radical Decision: Mission

The Third Radical Decision: Fellowship

The Fourth Radical Decision: Hospitality

The Fifth Radical Decision: Empowerment

The Sixth Radical Decision: Committment