Service: 10am Sundays

400 Cambridge Road, Mornington

Our Mornington campus is home to a wide variety of people who enjoy exploring faith in Jesus Christ and doing life together.    We invite you to join us – everyone is welcome!

What is your address/location?

Mornington 400 Cambridge Road
Can I park?

Yes – there is a large car park and overflow area with plenty of space for you and whatever vehicle you may turn up in.

What should I wear?
Whatever you are comfortable in. People wear anything from jeans and t-shirts to jacket and tie.

What time should I arrive?
The service starts at 10am, but why not try to get here at least 5 to 10 minutes before the start time, so you can get settled.

How do I make sure I am not in someone’s seat?
There is no such thing, really, even though people tend to sit in approximately the same place every week! If a seat is empty, you can sit there. We are always very happy to welcome visitors, and it does us good to get a different view from time to time.

What do I need to bring?
Just you! Song words are projected during singing times, as are bible readings and verses when they are needed.

Can I bring my children?
Yes! Children are very welcome – at any age, bring them along with you.

What if my child makes a noise?
Your child probably will make a noise, and that is fine – we would rather have the noise and your lovely child and you. We are happy for you to get up and move around if it helps you to comfort your child – there is also a cry room at the back of the auditorium and some books and toys, if it helps.

When do the children go to the Sunday School?
We often have kids activities toward the back of the auditorium, and if there is a separate kid’s church operating, the service leader will announce when it is time for the children to go out. Your children can either go on their own with all the others, or you are welcome to take them out, and stay while they settle in. You collect your children when the service ends.

How do I know when to stand or sit?
The person leading the service will make that clear, though we usually stand just for singing. If you’re not sure just take a look around and see what other people are doing. And of course if you don’t want to stand, or aren’t able to, we completely understand.

What if it is a Communion service?
There is nothing to worry about. At the appropriate point in the service, trays with bread or broken crackers, and individual “cuplets” of grape juice are passed around. You stay in your seat and hold on to these and the leader will clearly indicate when to eat the bread and drink the juice.

Who can receive Communion?
The altar is the ‘Lord’s table’ not ours so all are welcome.

Do you have toilets?
Yes – directly off the auditorium, including facilities for people who are disabled, and off the cafeteria.

What happens after the service?
At the end of the service the leader says a brief closing prayer and invites everyone out to the cafeteria for morning tea. People will tend to chat for a few minutes in the auditorium, then many will drift through to the cafeteria. We would love to meet you – so please come through and join in.   Apart from our Sunday service, the Mornington congregation offer a range of spaces and activities throughout the week where we hope you will find a warm welcome, friendship, support and a safe place to bring your questions about Jesus.

What else goes on at Citywide Mornington?

New2You Op Shop
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday from 3.30-5pm Quality used clothing for women, staffed by our friendly volunteers; all proceeds support youth and mission work in Hobart and around the world.

Time Out
Thursdays 9:30am-12pm A community craft programme, staffed by our skilled and friendly volunteer tutors.

Life Groups
We also offer a variety of small groups for every age and stage:

  • Merge Youth
  • The Engine Room (Prayer)
  • Young Adults
  • The Shed (Mens Group – no salad allowed)
  • Various Bible study groups

Venue and Facility Hire
It is our pleasure to make our venue available for your event. We have a variety of hire options available to suit your needs, big or small. Please contact us to find out more. For more information on any of our activities or if you would like to speak with one of our pastoral staff, please contact us.