Next Steps

A central question for us as a church is what it means to actually follow Jesus in every area of our lives. We don’t want Jesus to just be the figurehead, we want him to be the functional head of our church and our whole lives. Towards this end we are exploring what it means to live in such a way that our faith is always growing and our lives are increasingly reflecting that growth.

Two diagrams are at the centre of our exploration. The tree diagram shows us that while it is tempting to focus on the things we can see in ourselves and others, it is actually the things we can’t see (our beliefs) that are the root issue behind our values, actions and results.

The second diagram shows that in order to become aware of our beliefs we need to focus on Jesus, reflect, recognise, choose and act in order for any kind of change or growth to occur.  This is the process of growing faith.

We hope you can join us in this journey of exploration and that it helps you see what it means for your faith to grow.

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