Citywide Bus Service

There’s a new Sunday bus service on Hobart’s Eastern Shore that won’t get you to work, but may get you to worship!

Due to the Coronavirus shutting down church gatherings and services across Australia and the world, church leaders have been trying to find the best way to keep spreading the good news and the hope of the gospel.

Pastor Matt Garvin from Citywide Baptist Church on Hobart’s Eastern Shore has decided to take church out onto the streets.

The church has hired a bus which Pastor Matt will drive slowly around the neighbourhood and, using the latest in loud hailer and speaker technology, he will broadcast Bible verses, theology, personal anecdotes, inspiring testimonies and possibly even sing hymns to houses as he passes by in his unmistakable and delightfully tone deaf baritone voice.

Pastor Matt describes this bus service as being “like a spiritual Mr Whippy van but without the chance of obesity”.

The bus, adorned with inspirational and challenging Bible verses, will also pickup any items as donations thrown from houses as he passes by slowly on Sunday mornings.

As an additional option, if people would like a more personal service they can contact the office to arrange for Pastor Matt to stop outside their house for a one to one sermon. For this option you must make a donation to a local charity, the bigger the donation, the shorter the sermon.

This new bus service, and Pastor Matt’s amplified message of hope will run as long as Pastor Matt’s voice holds out or until the 2nd of April, whichever comes first.

Please note that we made enquiries with Tasmania police and it is not an offence to preach and drive.

This very fake news, should not stop you checking out the very real citywide online services actually being run each week by Citywide, and if you find yourself in very real need over this challenging time please let us know and we will do what we can to help out.

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