Blessed in order to Bless

I have been looking forward to this weekend ever since we put our big red, yellow and green banners up for the first time.

This weekend we begin to look at what we mean by BLESS, and I think you will find that there is a lot of power in this one word. As a church, we want to work out what it means to Bless our city, and my sense is that these weeks up to Easter are going to be quite important for us.

I want to personally thank everyone who took the time to fill in our survey about Clean Up Australia Day and Anzac Day. The results so far have been both encouraging and helpful.

As we continue to grow as a church my sense is that short surveys like this will be a helpful way for us to get a sense of what Jesus is saying to us as a church family.

If you haven’t yet completed the survey, it’s not too late. Simply go to and it will take you about four minutes.


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