Back for a new year

This week many families have been adjusting to the start of the normal rhythm for the year as kids head back to school, commuters cope with the worst of Hobart traffic (which is still better than most other cities best traffic), and the days begin to get shorter.

As a church, this weekend also marks the start of our “normal” rhythms as we join across campuses for our new sermon series called Hearing God’s voice and prepare for a four-week Listening Prayer practicum/course at Mornington on Tuesday nights (7 pm) and Lenah Valley on Wednesday lunchtimes (12 pm). You can register for the courses at

As we start 2020 together it is great that we can share lunch up at the domain. Everyone is welcome to join us. We will all be bringing lunch to share. I am looking forward to sampling some of Bruce’s legendary wood-fired pizza (along with anything else people have bought to share).

I have a real sense that this is going to be a special year for Citywide.


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