Motivated by Money?

This week our newspapers have been full of the story of the Speaker of the Tasmanian house of Assembly asking for more money.

While I am concerned about the political motivation behind the story, which I spoke about in this week’s episode of Unfake News, the request itself is interesting. According to the ABC, Sue Hickey was arguing that the salary should be boosted in order “to ensure the best talent was attracted to the role.”

If we want to create an environment where people choose public service for private benefit that is a concern.

This week we will be talking about Jesus’s approach to money, and in particular his approach to generosity. It is clear that he is calling his followers to be ready to sacrifice their own private resources for the sake of people who are in need. It is also clear that he is very concerned about motivation, and wouldn’t want anyone in any kind of leadership that was seeking personal benefit.

Jesus’s words are challenging, but that’s why we, and Sue Hickey, need to hear them.


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