Loving people who are not like us

On the front page of Wednesday’s paper was a story about people wanting to rent a house only to people of Muslim faith. The fact the story made the front page meant that there was something in our culture that says discrimination on the basis of race or religion is wrong.

In this week’s episode of “UnFake News” I reflected on this story and what it said about this moment in our culture.

The truth is that our world is quickly becoming more and more polarised and social media is looking more and more like a battlefield.

This week we are continuing our journey in the sermon on the Mount and looking at Jesus’s stark rebuke to any and all of us who see other people as the problem when he tells us we must love our enemies.

Sadly many Christians have fallen into the cultural trap of fighting for ideas rather than loving people.

As we were reminded last week, as followers of Jesus, we love because he first loved us. 

We don’t get to only rent houses to people who think and look like us.


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