The Plumb Line

When you grow up in the church it can feel like you missed out on the great before and after story that so many people who came to faith later in life seem to have. 

For those of us who grew up in the church Christianity can feel safe and comfortable… until we start to honestly open ourselves to Jesus.

In many ways Jesus is a bit like a plumb line. As we start to see him more clearly we start to see ourselves more clearly, and begin to see that Jesus is less safe and comfortable than we might have thought growing up in the church.

One of our core practises is “Study Jesus’ way” because as we open ourselves to his way we begin to change. Things that seem normal to people who don’t know Jesus start to be less comfortable and we begin to stand out from the crowd in a good way.

As we continue to engage with the Sermon on the Mount we will continue to find places where the plumb line reveals things we thought to be normal that are not in alignment with the way of Jesus. 

This is nowhere more obvious than in what we will be talking about this weekend…

Jesus please help us have the courage to look at your plumb line and change our hearts so that what is safe and comfortable no longer feels comfortable for us, and that your life increasingly becomes our life.


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