Affordable Art Exhibition August 5th

Most Tasmanians don’t even begin to consider the possibility of owning original art, but a group of twenty artists have created an event that puts art within reach of every local person and at the same time provides funds to support critical work in Nepal and Hobart.

Join us for Dinner Together

It’s one of the simplest, and most important, things we do each month… simply sharing a meal with people you don’t normally connect with, in someones home. Sign up right …

Table Top Sale

Come along to find some second-hand treasures, or maybe you’d like to sell some of your own unwanted items!

Saturday 18th November 2023

Future Proofing Your Life

Are you living in retirement or nearing ‘that stage of life’ yourself?
Are you needing to be aware of options for your parents?
Then you are invited to join us and have a place to ask your questions


New Series: The Journey with Jesus

On Sunday we begin our major teaching series for 2023, ‘The Journey with Jesus’ and we are pleased to give you access to the companion small group resource book written …