As we reviewed the history of our four congregations we found that there were four themes that seemed to come up over and over again. Whenever our church took these things seriously it seemed like we were moving forward, and when we forgot them we seemed to move backwards.

The four commitments of Citywide Baptist Church:

  • Serving our City and its people in partnership with other churches and people of good will.
  • Be a welcoming family who love and respect one another and our neighbours.
  • Making Peace through Justice, Mercy and Compassion
  • Embrace new things God is doing and foster creativity

Matt is talking about what it means to serve our city and be a welcoming family:

03 - Loving our city

Matt is talking about what it means to Make Peace and Embrace New Things:

05 - Into the future together

Justice, Mercy and Compassion:

Our understanding of what it means to make peace is informed by an important unit from the Foundations course: The Glory of God. If you have not done the course yet, then you may well not yet grasp this vital biblical truth.
You can view the unit below, however watching a video is never as helpful as participating in the process of the course.

The Glory of God (Foundations Week 3)