The 2023 Citywide Church Camp is to be held at Poatina again. We have a nice range of accommodation. The program is similar to last year except the ‘Nepal v’s the World’ soccer match will be held at 1pm. Some of the Sat afternoon electives will be: Watching the Grand Final, Learning to cook Nepalese Style, Walking up the Pipeline and more. We’ll have the family concert on Sat eve so please start preparing your items.

Please fill in the following form as best you can, and if you need to ask or comment further, you can do that throughout the form.

Camp Costs Information

Cost for camp is $25 per head for adults (18+) and $15 for children (4-17 years old). Free for infants (0-3 years old).

This cost includes drinks and snacks for the weekend, and catering for the Saturday Night dinner which will be cooked during a ‘Learn to cook Nepalese Style’ activity on Saturday afternoon (there will be an option for Baked Potatoes for those who’d prefer it).

Please note, this cost does not include other meals or accommodation.

Once your accommodation has been confirmed, you’ll receive an invoice from Citywide via email which you can pay by bank transfer, online, or at the office. We are determined that money shouldn’t stop anyone from coming, so please talk to the office if this is an issue.

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