Dinner Together

Once a month everyone in the church family are invited to join our ‘Dinner Together’ from 6pm to 7:30pm. Future dates are March 25th, April 22nd and May 27th.

Fill in the details below and we’ll be in touch the Tuesday before the dinner saying where your allocated dinner is.

Please bring enough food to feed yourself and those listed below (plus a little extra). It may be home-made or bought. No need to be too fancy. It’ll help the host if your food is already cooked upon arrival. The host will provide desert for everyone.

The night will finish at 7:30pm with the last thing being a group photo for those willing to participate.
On most occasions you will be at a different house with different people each month.

So we can allocate you with a host nearby.
In 2024 we are suggesting that the host location remains consistent for the 8 months. Hosts will cater for between 10 and 16 participants.
This is a rough guess to help with planning.

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