Do you long for deeper friendship or genuine fellowship? You are not alone. Most of us feel the pain of some degree of social isolation. The Christian church was always meant to be a source of authentic community and at Citywide we want 2021 to be a year that moves us tangibly in this direction.

We will start the year by focussing on the S.H.A.R.E. behaviours that are the key that unlocks the door to authentic community. Throughout the coming year we will be seeking to put these revolutionary behaviours into practise in lots of different ways as a church and encouraging all our people to apply them in all the places where they live, learn, work and play.

7th February – Sharing as a way of life

14th February – Speak the Truth in Love

21st February – Have Space

28th February – Actively Listen

14th March – Reflect Grace

21st March – Encourage

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