The hatchet job on Phil Pringle and C3 church

Normally on UnFake News, we look at stories from the Hobart Mercury… today Matt is picking apart the allegations made against C3 church and Phil Pringle over the last couple of nights on A Current Affair and subjecting them to the lens of the bible.

A Current Affair's hatchet job on Phil Pringle and C3 church.

The A Current Affair stories are here:

C3 – Part 1

It's the biggest church you've probably never heard of, and its leader lives a million-dollar lifestyle thanks to the tax-free donations from his thousands of believers. Reporter Dan Nolan has spent the past three months investigating the rapid rise of C3 Church. #9ACA

Posted by A Current Affair on Monday, 30 September 2019
C3 – Part 2

Last night's report on C3 Church shocked and appalled many of you. Reporter Dan Nolan's investigation continues now, as Pastor Phil finally addresses the scandals within C3. #9ACA

Posted by A Current Affair on Tuesday, 1 October 2019

The C3 response is here:

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