Setting the captives free, Tasmanian style

Today’s newspaper is dominated by the story of prison escapes and the state of our prison system. Matt is exploring what a biblical response is to those who have committed crimes and what it might mean for the Christian church to advocate for reform.

Setting the Prisoners Free: Tasmanian Style

1 thought on “Setting the captives free, Tasmanian style

  1. Henny Straatsma Reply

    Thank you Matt for raising this issue.of forgiveness and the situation at our prisons and our prison system.Peaple who irk there tell me the biggest problem there is the lack of rehabilitation for those who are released when they have served their time but also the boredem that they experience while serving their time.
    Building bigger and more prisons is not the answer ,they tell me but to address these 2 problems would decrease their reentering time after time would.!
    I believe the Church could play a part in that ,by seeing the Peaple in there as human beings in need of love,acceptance ,forgiveness and help in those 2 areas mentioned.
    Bless you as you bring us the Unfake news.

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